Jonathan M Berman

Jonathan M Berman, PhD is a scientist, science educator, and a science advocate


Jonathan Berman studies hypertension, using tools that address all levels of biological organization from populations to molecules. His particular interest is in the Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC). ENaC helps create the osmotic driving force for re-absorption of water in the aldosterone-sensitive distal nephron and is a hormonally regulated step in controlling whole-organism salt and water balance. 

In late January 2017, Jonathan Berman created the first social media, website, and mailing-list to recruit people for the "Scientists' March on Washington," which would later become the March for Science.  The March occurred on April 22, for which he served as a national co-chair and a lead organizer.  

He has worked a variety of jobs, including hosting the unveiling of the world's largest periodic table of the elements, a rickshaw driver, pizza cook, adjunct, radio host, cable access director, film extra, volunteer political canvasser, carpet remover, stand-up comedian, and photographer. He has taught critical thinking, genetics of hypertension, kidney endocrinology, joke writing for science presentation, human development, and cognitive biases. 

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PhD, Physiology
State University of New York at Buffalo


BS, Biology
Rochester Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor, NYIT-Arkansas



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